Why ROK With Us?

In this generation cell phones have become our life-line, in which many cell phone companies have taken an unfair advantage of our needs. Finally a phone plan that puts money back in the people’s pockets, helps fund community initiatives, and supplies a bundle of life enhancing benefits. Introducing The Greater Change Plan, a phone plan derived from Bridge DA Gap, a nonprofit organization and ROK Mobile, a new mobile provider who bundles value added services to its plans. Together ROK | BDG Mobile has created a plan that provides all of life's key benefits for one small price.


ROK Mobile was founded by John Paul DeJoria. If you’ve washed your hair or had a shot of tequila in the last 20 years, chances are it was from one of these two global brands. John Paul DeJoria co-founded Paul Mitchell in 1980 and helped turn it into the world’s largest privately owned salon haircare company. He went on to co-found the Patrón Spirits Company , John Paul Pet & JP Selects — all privately held companies with high ethical standards and reputations for integrity.

John Paul also founded JP’s Peace, Love and Happiness Foundation to invest in charities that share the core values of his companies; sustainability, social responsibility and animal-friendliness.

John Paul believes that success unshared is failure and has brought the same level of philanthropy, leadership, integrity, and quality to ROK Mobile.

“I know this may look as if it’s too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you that there is no catch!
ROK Mobile is the real deal.”


What is Bridge Da Gap?

Bridge DA Gap is a 501c3 non-profit organization with its own innovative social-emotional curriculum. The Bridge DA Gap curriculum is designed to engage today’s youth like no other in that it incorporates hip hop music to enhance the social-emotional development of youth. To further engage students, the curriculum includes a DVD with lessons taught by renowned American television and film actress Meagan Good and Bridge DA Gap founder Kevin “Khao” Cates. After seeing dramatic behavioral improvement in the youth through the Bridge DA Gap program educators often asked, "what do you have for the test scores?” Khao then created KOOLriculum, National standard aligned, K-12 education Math, English, and social studies taught through music. For more than 7 years Bridge DA Gap Movement has been making a positive impact on our youth and communities.

BDG Mobile was founded by Kevin “Khao” Cates. If you have listened to any urban radio station in the last 10 years, chances are you have heard his creative genius. With over 30 million combined records sold, Khao has revolutionized the feel of Hip-Hop by producing sounds and melodies that cross various genres of music. Khao has brought the world mega hits such as T.I.’s “Why You Wanna” and R. Kelly’s “Double Up.” Additionally, Khao has produced for several major recording artists. These artists include: Jay Z, Pharell Williams, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, Reuben Studdard, Lil’ Kim, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, Clipse, Ludacris, Young Dro, Chingy, Yung Joc, Goapele, Paul Wall, and Trick Daddy.

Khao’s accomplishments and endeavors span beyond the music industry. In 2008 Khao took time off from music to create a social-emotional curriculum for youth called Bridge DA Gap. Bridge DA Gap is a 501c3 non-profit organization that combines hip hop music, education and mentoring to reach students and teach life skills applicable in today’s socially challenged environment. Bridge DA Gap’s lessons are on video and taught by television and film actress Meagan Good and Khao. Bridge DA Gap has been implemented in schools across the United States as well as in the Bahamas.

After seeing dramatic behavioral improvements in the youth through the Bridge DA Gap program, educators asked, “What do you have for the test scores?” Khao then created KOOLriculum. KOOLriculum is a standards aligned, music based, Pre-K educational supplemental tool, with content in mathematics, English, social studies and science. Khao has also designed his own Tablets loaded with Bridge DA Gap and KOOLriculum content. As a music producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Khao recognizes the difference between being successful and being significant. Therefore activism and community service are passions that burn deep and steadily within him. BDG Mobile is an extension and example of these ethics on display.